The Sex Pact’s mission is to empower individuals through communication and responsible sexual practice.

The Sex Pact

The Sex Pact is set to turn up DC. Shock somebody! Post the logo on your social media pages and start a buzz. Spread the word. You will make The Sex Pact be seen …in random quiet corners and in the most visible places so that the sex pact is always on people’s minds.

Did he just say Sex?

The word sex can be provocative, scandalous, shocking, outrageous, embarrassing, shameful, powerful and positive. The Sex Pact allows you to take ownership of the word sex, and creates the space for you to openly discuss sex while committing to taking control of your sex status.

You own the Sex Pact. You lead the chat about sex. You spread the word & You commit to the Sex Pact Challenge: If you are having sex,

  • • use one condom,
  • • correctly,
  • • every time you have sex

Why? Because using condoms every time you have sex puts you in charge – of your body, of your health and keeps you healthy for future sexual encounters.

Signing the Sex Pact is taking charge of your sexual status.

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