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How to Use A Condom

Q: What do I do before putting one on?

  1. Make sure the expiration date (printed on the condom) hasn't passed.
  2. Open the condom package. Avoid damaging it with fingernails, teeth, or scissors.
  3. Wait until you have an erection- if you put the condom on when you aren't hard yet, it might fall off.

Q: How do I put one on?

  1. Put it on before you start having sex.
  2. Pinch the tip of the condom, making sure that the ring is on the outside (it should look like a witch's hat more than a beanie).
  3. While still pinching the tip, move the condom to the head of your penis so it's sitting like a hat on top of it.
  4. While still pinching the tip with one hand, unroll the condom down your penis with your other hand.
  5. If you're having trouble unrolling it, it is probably inside-out. Throw it away and start again with a new one.
  6. Use a new condom for every act of vaginal, anal, or oral sex throughout the entire sex act (from before you put your penis in anyone else's body until after you've removed it).
Condom_on_tip Condom_roll_down Throw_away_unused

Q: What do I do after?

  1. Soon after you come, withdraw your penis while it is still erect.
  2. Hold the condom firmly against the base of your penis to stop the semen (cum) leaking.
  3. Check the condom for tears. If there are any, you and your partner may need to get tested for STDs, and if your partner is a woman, she may want to take emergency contraception.
  4. Wrap the condom in a Kleenex and throw it in the trashcan. Don’t flush condoms down the toilet.
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